The Osu Slave Market

There is an old edifice not well known to many, including even those who were born in its vicinity.

it is situated about a mile south of the main buildings of the Christiansborg Castle (built 1661).

The edifice is described by the locals as a ‘slave market’. Historians call the area, Danish Osu with the Christiansburg Castle, its most dominant feature. The locals call the area of this facility by its slavery origins, ‘Awusai Atso’ (Quarters of the Families).

A thick stone wall describes a square or rectangular structure bounded on the outside by high walls and the front by a high wall and a huge gate. The inside of the gate reveals a courtyard surrounded by short low buildings that could have originally been holding bays or barracoons for captives. Fifty yards to the west of the gate was a well that was capped and filled in, in recent years and has almost disappeared from view. It was said to provide water for the slaves to wash before the auctions. Its relationship to the Castle is marked by a straight pathway from the facility to the Castle.

The MMG Foundation (Ghana) intends to research and publish the story of this edifice with the hope of mounting an international campaign to restore it as a major tourist and diaspora site in the capital city.

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