MMG Foundation – 12-month vocational training programs

MMG Foundation is setting up a vocational training programme in ‘Manual trades and Indigenous crafts’, aimed at unemployed men and women aged 18-35yrs.  MMG Foundation is committed to the responsibility to direct our youth towards opportunities to build careers, that lead to sustainable income and self-sufficiency. We will teach from a pan-African perspective, enabling our youth to acquire core practical skills in chosen courses,  that lead to professional qualifications, entrepreneurship and sustainable income.  African study workshops, fieldwork experiences and mentoring aim to affirm African self identity, and the value of our African continent, in all our training.

MMGF will offer 3 month and 6 month, introductory and intermediate courses, respectively the initial courses will be:

Introductory (3 month)

·         Intro to Electrics
·         Intro to auto mechanics
·         Indigenous crafts   Textiles
·         Wood carving
·         Beadwork
·         Weaving


Intermediate courses (6 month)

·         Electronics Renewable energy systems – Solar power and Biogas
·         for CCTV systems

Students will attend work placements in companies, with contracts drawn up and supervised by MMGF staff.   Mentors will track the progress of our students for at least a year after they have completed our courses.

Students will be provided with a training allowance and apprentice tool kits, to enable them to meet attendance criteria and have essential equipment, needed to progress to further training and setting up first businesses. 


Costs of one course                                                     50k  This includes initial costs of equipmentTo furnish lab/workshop facilities

Costs to train one student per course                          3k (approx.)

MMGF are committed in our responsibility to safeguard the future of our young men and women.  We want to train as many young people as possible and expect to have trained 150 youth in our first year.  



MMGF began the groundwork for our training programs, by consulting with local youth, networking with other NGO’s working with young people, meeting with traditional and technical practitioners, community leaders in schools and tertiary institutions etc.   


University of Ghana

Indigenous craftspeople

Technicians from the African diaspora who will teach our students

Solar company who will donate materials, with the potential to offer work placements



MMG Foundation have a long-term vision of establishing a permanent building that becomes a pan African center of excellence, for education, training, science & Technology and creative invention and innovation.  A center that is self-funding, where continental development is led by young Africans, embracing the opportunity now, for the future. 


Our training programs will be a natural progression into our center of excellence and pathway to self-determination.