Meet MMGF Board Members

A cross section view of the Marcus Mosiah Garvey (MMG) foundation board members.


Mrs Naomi Palmer-Buchanan

Naomi is a graduate and educationist. She worked for several years as a Personal Development Training Consultant and has a flair for solving administrative, management and customer service issues. Naomi is dependable with excellent and exceptional leadership, communication, and idea development skills.

Naomi gained her wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise from over 40 years providing training for corporate businesses, government establishments and NGOs in the United Kingdom and through managing her own business in Ghana.

Naomi’s strengths lie in her determination to succeed and to be the best at what she does. She is professional, committed and adaptable with an accessible approach to work colleagues, and stakeholders.Naomi enjoys event planning, entertaining, reading and current affairs.

Assistant Chairperson

Trevor Watson

Trevor is a medical scientist who worked for forty years with The British National Health Service (NHS). He is now resident in Ghana, pursuing a number of business & community-related projects. Other interests include teaching Heath and nutrition.


Neville Buchanan (Girma Melekot)

Neville has a BEng(Hons)Mech. Eng. Degree and is an MCSE(Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer).

He is the director of a registered IT company in Ghana. He is involved in several community organization. He is also a student of The Philosophy & Opinions Of The RT. Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey and The works of the Great Osagyfo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. His other interests include football & Kick Boxing.


Robert Alston Stewart (Kinfe)

Robert is a motor vehicle engineer, with thirty years of experience in the British car industry. He has been living in Ghana for more than ten years. Robert is a staunch Pan-Africanist who is involved with several community organizations.

He came to Ghana with the intention to make a difference in the lives and well being of African people. He is convinced that it is only through hard work, determination, and tenacity that Africans can free themselves.

To this end, Robert will continue to work for the common good by rendering voluntary assistance to fellow Africans whenever possible.

Board Member

Prof. Emmanuel Kwaku Senah

Emmanuel Kwaku Senah B.A. Hons (Philosophy); Diploma in Education; M.A (Philosophy of Education); and, PhD (History – African Diaspora in Trinidad, W.I.)

Dr. Senah is an educationist who spent close to 40 years teaching in Ghana, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago and Oregon, U. S. In that time span, he taught the Liberal Arts; produced teaching materials and wrote policy documents in education; was a Curriculum Consultant; and, a UNESCO Consultant for the Values Education Programme in Liberia.

Dr. Senah retired home to Ghana four years ago from the University of Trinidad and Tobago and now collaborates with education institutions, groups, and individuals to help promote research and teaching of History. He is currently engaged in the struggle to save Fort Good Hope, Senya Breku, from abandonment.

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Planning Team

A cross section view of our the Marcus Mosiah Garvey (MMG) foundation planning team.

Prof Lincoln Sampson

Planning Team Member

Zebi Johnson

Planning Team Member

Guy Woolery

Planning Team Member


Join The Team

Members who remain in good standing are entitled to the following benefits; voting privileges, reduced cost to advertised events, eligibility to be drafted as an officer in sub-committees and to be considered for executive committee membership if a vacancy becomes available.