MMGF Directors Awarded Ghanaian Citizenship

A great Mile Stone Fro MMG Directors

MMGF Directors Awarded Ghanaian Citizenship

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, President Akufo-Addo granted 126 Africans from the Ghanaian diaspora citizenship. The beneficiaries, mostly from the Caribbean, were granted citizenship after thorough scrutiny by the Ministry of Interior as part of the ‘Year of Return’ initiative by the government. At a ceremony at the Jubilee House to present their certificates to them, President Akufo-Addo urged them to defend the good image of the country.

“Your decision to take up Ghanaian citizenship means you have agreed to respect and abide by the laws of Ghana and live by the Republic of Ghana’s constitution, I urged you guide our country’s image jealously and it’s a charge I’m confident you will uphold, in doing so I suggest you facilitate you reintegration and learn one Ghanaian language of your choice….”

Among the 126 granted citizenship, there were several MMGF Board members and supporters. Naomi Palmer-Buchanan (Wudase Mariam) our Chairperson, Trevor Watson our Vice-Chair, Robert Stewart (Kinfi Gabriel) our Treasurer, all received their citizenship. Supporters such as Sylvia Campbell, Shabaka, Barrington Osbourne, Joseph Mandela, Dr Obadele Kambon, Arya Linton, Jacob Reid, Duane Chambers, Mr & Mrs Haughton and many more, all received their Ghanaian citizenship. If we add Neville Buchanan (Girma Melekot), our secretary, who was awarded his citizenship in 2016 as part of “The Historic Thirty-Four” that means all the executives of The MMG Foundation are citizens of Ghana.

This is significant as it means that the MMG Foundation can more freely engage with all sectors of Ghanaian society. It also means that the foundation’s interactions with the various service providing agencies can be more economical and cost-effective.

The Chairperson reflected all our thoughts when she said “Our ancestors did not make it back home, but they sent us to represent. This granting of citizenship is an official welcome Home. The officials of this country have recognised the important role the diaspora can play in the development of Ghana.”

The citizenship granted and the ceremony would have made Marcus Mosiah Garvey a thrilled man because he would have achieved one of his primary aims. We remember all our great ancestors who fought gallantly & bravely so that today we can stand on their shoulders and become citizens in our motherland. We will never forget those who have gone before us. It has undoubtedly given MMGF added enthusiasm and confidence in their endeavour to build a Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre here in Ghana.

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