MMGF Annual Brochure

MMGF 2020 brochure


Of Garvey’

The 2020 Edition of the MMG Foundation’s annual brochure is a digital copy that is available on the foundation’s website. Throughout the month of August, the brochure can be viewed for free on the website. From September 2020 the brochure will be available to download from MMGF’s online shop for a small fee.

The brochure contains a wide variety of articles and features that will educate and entertain you.

There is information on:

  • Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre
  • MMGF’s Friends of Garvey Campaign.
  • Booker T Washington’s influence on Marcus Garvey.
  • Endorsements from the ministries.
  • African Liberation Struggle.
  • History of Benin Kingdom
  • Tribute to Menelik II.
  • Lady Patience of Opobo and Trinidad.
  • The Birth of Pan-Africanist.
  • The RADA of Belmont Trinidad
  • Review of The Year of Return Ghana 2019.

The MMG Foundation’s 2020 annual brochure is a document that is full of Pan-African information, both historical and current. You will want to read and refer to it for years to come.


PRICE: £7.50/$10

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2020 brochure

PRICE: £7.50($10)

You will be contacting Mrs Naomi Buchanan who is the Chair person of MMG Foundation

Feel free to get in contact with us, using this number +233 543 726 075