Friends of Garvey

This is the arm of the MMGF reaching out to the millions of Africans across the globe to join hands together in unity, love, respect, and trust.

By registering to become a “Friend of Garvey,” you will automatically become a member of the MMG Foundation. Through our website, blogs, and social media platforms, “Friends of Garvey” can become active partners in rolling out our ambitious plans and programs of building bridges for reconciliation, restoration, and healing amongst the dispersed people of African descent.

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Neville Buchanan Secretary

The “Revolutionary Generation” have seen it all. We have been there, and we have done that. But the question is, what are we leaving for the next generations? Where are the institutions that encapsulates our experiences and our political education? Are we seriously expecting our children to build the institutions that we have failed to build? The fear is that time is running out for the “Revolutionary Generation” because we are now seniors, and many of us are joining the ancestors.

Neville Buchanan


What our friends can expect from MMGF


our expectations

What MMGF expects from our friends?

Share MMGF With Friends

To raise the name of Marcus Mosiah Garvey as an emblem of unity in the global community.

Create Community Groups

To form community groups to reinforce Pan Africanism

Support Black Businesses

Support black businesses, banks, shops etc. to keep money in the black community.

publicize Good Works

Highlighting good works going on in the communities

Reveal Hidden truths

Fight the promotion of false black caricatures.

Talk About Africa

Encourage friends and Family that Africa will be their first choice for their holiday destination.

Raise funds

Support MMGF’S campaigns to raise funds for the building of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre in Homeland Ghana

general Support

Support MMGF other community programs

Give back

Give back and share your skills and expertise as volunteers on our numerous programmes.

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