Our Dream Project

marcus garvey memorial centre

This project gives multi-nationals and individuals in the entertainment, information tech and tourism industry an opportunity to  contribution to the upliftment of African youths by giving then the skills, experience and knowledge necessary for their advancement in the modern world.


to all

MMGF Supporters (friends of garvey)

I hope you are well and enjoying life’s many blessings.

Would you like to be part of something truly inspiring? If the answer is YES, then read on.

The Marcus Mosiah Garvey Foundation (MMGF) is raising funds to build a Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre in Ghana West Africa.

The Centre will stand as a Beacon of Excellence for the local and international community stimulating the mind and encourage creativity in cutting-edge African Science, Technology, Arts and Africa-Centred Teaching & Learning methods.


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The Centre will be a vocational and academic training hub, a research library, science and technology laboratory, conference & entertainment centre, and sports facilities. The design will include:

Naomi Palmer-Buchanan Chairperson (2)

  • Science and Technology Educational Faculty
  • Engineering Training Faculty, African Arts & Culture research facilities
  • Conference rooms and offices to accommodate small, medium and large functions
  • Extensive, interactive research library and study centre, archiving the works of the Hon. Marcus Garvey, the UNIA-ACL, and other Pan-Africanist contributors
  • MMG Museum to include a Hall/Wall of Fame featuring Great Africans
  • Office spaces to accommodate the headquarters of the MMG Foundation
  • Minimum of 50 self-contained accommodation facilities for short term visitors, and residents for training staff and contractors
  • Restaurants and shopping mall that will also serve as an occupational training facility
  • MMGF Arena for large scale Sporting and Recreational Activities
  • A cultivated park/grounds for recreation and ambience
  • The complex will be Solar Powered

The complex will be on approximately 20 acres of real estate on the Coastline of the Republic of Ghana.

It will be the location where youth programs of excellence, businesses, inspiration and creativity will be nurtured and thrive.

Be Part of something Phenomenal, which will continue to benefit our people for generations to come.

The M.M.G. Foundation is a Registered limited by guarantee Company (NGO) in The Republic of Ghana. Registration Number: CG263612018

Together we can make a difference.

Why The Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre

  1. To build a viable business model in Africa
  2. To provide work for our indigenous people
  3. To pioneer the industrialization of Africa

Why Invest In This Project

  1. You get to humanize your brand
  2. Making a viable contribution to your African heritage
  3. Global exposure to Increase and promote your business image and branding
  4. Financial profitability

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5. How long will this project take to come to completion

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