MMGF is a Foundation registered as a Limited by Guarantee Company, a non-profit (NGO) in the Republic of Ghana.

The Marcus Mosiah Garvey Foundation (MMGF), a Pan-African fraternity, is dedicated to sharing and promoting the Philosophy & Opinions of the Right Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, particularly among the young people of Africa and those of African descent.

Striving to foster a strong sense of pride and unity, our organization is determined to engender a sense of love within and among African nations. Furthermore, we aim to provide leadership, effectively guiding young Africans in acquiring the vital skills and knowledge necessary for advancement in today’s modern world.

Embracing this goal, we are fully committed to not only preserving the rich heritage of Africa but also preparing the next generation for a successful and empowered future. Together, we are united in our mission to carry forward the vision of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, advancing his teachings, and fostering a spirit of unity and self-reliance.

Our Company Values

MMGF’s company values are vital to its overall success. MMGF value practices will be enforced and reviewed continuously as they are essential for long-term growth.  MMGF company values are:
“seeks to bring social and economic relief to the African families by providing vocational skills and personal development training that will open career opportunities for our young people.”
MMGF Mission
To empower individuals to be the best they can be.
• We aim to train individuals in their respective vocations to be professional and 
proficient in their endeavours.
• To manage and operate a hub of excellence.
• Build character, confidence, economic sustainability, and self-sufficiency that will 
succeed in making a life-changing difference.
• To be a vocational skills training hub of excellence with a strong focus on the vision 
and ideology of the Rt Hon Marcus Mosiah Garvey.
• To deliver vocational skills training that promotes economic independence, self-
sufficiency, self-dependency, cultural awareness, and business entrepreneurship. 

The Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre

The Marcus Mosiah Garvey Foundation - Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre

Why The Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre

  1. To build a viable business model in Africa
  2. To provide work for our indigenous people
  3. To pioneer the industrialization of Africa

Why Invest In This Project

  1. You get to humanize your brand
  2. Making a viable contribution to your African heritage
  3. Global exposure to Increase and promote your business image and branding
  4. Financial profitability