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25 March 2019

Marcus Garvey Foundation Ghana is organizing a tour dubbed, "Mama Africa Here I Come!!!", which is scheduled to come on from 9th to 20th August 2019.


Return flight, Airport transfers, 12days accommodation, entrance fees to all excursions, guided tours, and air-transportation.

Tour Experience Include:

1. Accra city tour: Independence square, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum Dubois Center, Ancestral wall, et.

2. Traditional welcome with chiefs, elders and local people. A regal and cultural reception.

3. Visit to Ashanti Kindom, Kumasi

4. Experience the art of Andikara Stamping and Kente Weaving.

5. Enjoy the fresh air of the Akwapim mountains while visiting Aburi Botanical Gardens.

6. A vibrant beach experience

7. Shopping: visiting the markets for artefacts, African clothes, etc.

8. Historical tour of Elmina and Cape Coast Castles.

9. Experience the high ropes of Kakum park.

10. Visit the graveyards of our ancestors Crystal(Jamaica) Carson(USA) in Assin Manso. Atruelyhealing experience.

11. Meet & greet the diaspora community. Hear first hand the experiences of those who have repatriated.

12. Attending the exquisite Annual MMG Foundation 'Homecoming' Dinner & Dance. An African wear affair.

Price: $3,797 including flight, accommodation, 2 meals (breakfast and evening buffet) excursions and transportation

Contact us on: WhatsApp +233 54 379 2807 / Facebook: MMG Foundation / Email: info@themmgf.org

1 January 2019

Fort Good Hope is one of the many ancient forts and castles that inhabit the coast of Ghana. It was built by the Dutch between 1703 and 1705 and served as a trading centre in gold and ivory, and later, slaves. It remains intact to this day, containing a ‘palava hall’ (meeting hall), below ground water storage well, two dungeons, a forecourt with tombs, a tunnel/passage way to the beach and a parapet with light cannon and musketry capacity.

This Fort is not locally and internationally as visible and popular as Cape Coast or Elmina Castles, for example; because the main Accra - Cape Coast Highway bypasses the Fort by some 20 kilometers. The town of Senya Bereku where it is situated is not known for any special products or large festivals and the closest road that serves it is the small road/ bypass to Winneba that is often not motorable, especially during the rainy season. This means that the Ministry of Tourism and the government agencies under various Ghana governments have not been able to monetize the potentials of the Fort for it to pay for its maintenance.

The current official status of the Fort is that of a ‘Guest House’. But it is in actual fact more of a ‘Beer Bar’, with a few rooms for rental. In this capacity, it is quite unlikely to generate enough money to maintain it for a long time. Even worse, the integrity of the Fort as a historic monument has been seriously compromised in order to serve its current use as a ‘Beer Bar.’ The dungeons that once held slaves are now filled with empty beer bottles. Most of the ancient dates, names and inscriptions have been deliberately obliterated, including the date on the main gate of entry to the facility.

In spite of these problems, the Fort has enormous potential based upon the fact that it is in pristine physical state and can be classified as the best small Fort along the coast capable of serving as representative of the larger and more elaborate Forts and Castles in Ghana. It is also within a 40 minute drive from the centre of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Any available Fort or Castle of comparable quality is at least two hours’ drive from Accra.

The MMG Foundation (Ghana) intends to solicit the Government of Ghana to work towards safeguarding the history and physical integrity of Fort Good Hope for use as a tourist and learning centre in line with international best practices relating to the preservation of ancient monuments.


  1. To restore the Fort as a place of historical interest

  2. To cooperate with national agencies to develop accessibility to the monument.

  3. To generate income.

  4. To provide a Centre of Food Excellence in the vicinity as a part of a Visitor’s Welcome Centre.

  5. To make the Fort the most popular place for schools to learn about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.