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Marcus Garvey Pan-African Centre Underway

The decision to initiate to support the idea of building a Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre here in Ghana came after many long discussions among the leadership of the MMG Foundation. It was noted that there were no major institutions anywhere in the world, that reflected The Philosophy & Opinions of Marcus Garvey or the teachings of Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

It was viewed that this fact was a damning inditement on “The Revolutionary Generation”. The generation of the 1940s,50s & 60s. This is the generation that saw The African and Caribbean Independence movements with great individuals such as Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Jemo Kenyatta, Haile Selassie & Eric Williams. In America we had the civil rights struggles with Dr Martin Luther King. There was Malcom X who influenced The Black Panthers and the whole Black Power movement with Stokely Carmichael & Huey P Newton. In the Caribbean we saw the rise of the Rastafari Movement with its “Africa centred” Philosophy. It all culminated with the ending of apartheid in South Africa and the election of a Black Man as president of the USA.

The “Revolutionary Generation” have seen it all. We have been there, and we have done that. But the question is, what are we leaving for the next generations? Where are the institutions that encapsulates our experiences and our political education? Are we seriously expecting our children to build the institutions that we have failed to build? The fear is that time is running out for the “Revolutionary Generation” because we are now seniors, and many of us are joining the ancestors. The Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre might well be the last change for many of us to leave a legacy for the next generation.

marcus garvey centre

The failure of the “Revolutionary generation” to build institutions that encapsulates and teach our children how to live productive lives is having a devastating effect in our communities. Some of the most heartless killers amongst us are the sons & grandsons of Black Power activist and Rastafarians. So where did we go wrong?

It is believed that we have failed our children by not laying foundation or framework for them to operate. Our children are still going to our enemies for education and employment, our governments are still going cap-in hand to our oppressors to beg money. We have left our children nothing except empty words. This is one of the main reason why we are having to “re-fight” battles that we thought we had won years ago. In Marcus Garvey’s Jamaica more people are now bleaching their skin than ever before, in Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana we import most of what we need and manufacture almost nothing.

To help redress the balance and to provide a beacon of hope to African people, the leadership of the MMGF has proposed the building of a Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre in Ghana. It will be a powerful world class institution with the ability to influence the cultural & political discourse in the international African communities. It is proposed that the centre should have high-level expertise in all areas of human endeavour, ranging from Business & Commerce, Science & Technology, Culture & Politics, Medicine & Spirituality.

marcus garvey centre

It will be like a self-contained village with accommodation, shops, restaurants, conference facilities, Lecture theatres, Science laboratories, Libraries’, resource centres, Sport & leisure facilities warehouses, parks & garden. Everything that you need to be productive and creative will be there. The idea is to create an environment that stimulates and releases the African genius. That same genius that made us the Master of Mathematics, Science, Astronomy and medicine.

The centre will provide the space and environment that will enable the African to find solutions to his own problems and enable him to achieve that higher level of awareness and consciousness that Mr Garvey is always imploring us to reach. If information is needed on any aspect of African life or culture The Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre will be your first port of call.

This is a huge concept and a huge vision. But if we were able to build the pyramids in Egypt and carve buildings our of solid rock in Ethiopia, then building a centre in Ghana should also be possible. It is a project that will take many years to complete and it will require a large sum of money. So, the leadership of the MMGF will engage publicity agents to solicit sponsorships and donations from various sources. The overriding principal is that this project must be financed, designed and built by Africans.

The MMG Foundation will be organising a series of fundraising events. The Annual 'Homecoming' Dinner & Dance in August every year will be the highlight. This grand event will be to celebrate Mr Garvey’s birthday, promote the MMGF and raise funds for the Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre where Selected members of the pan Africanist community will be honoured for their positive works.

The Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre is a challenge to the international Pan-Africanist community to raise the necessary funds for this project. We are often complaining how Africans are always running to the Asians and Europeans to get funding for our projects. This is our chance to put your money where our mouth is and finance this project ourselves. Let history record that the leadership of The MMG Foundation. Had a “Big” Idea. They dared to look into the future, dared to plan ahead, dared to have a vision, dared to have a dream, dared to propose an institution that could be the centre of African excellence for the next thousand years. So even if we don’t live to see its completion, our children will honour us and remember us favourably because they would have inherited something of great value.


Girma Melekot

MMGF Secretary