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Friends of Garvey

Friends of Marcus Garvey is the arm of the MMGF reaching out to the millions of Africans across

The globe to join hands together in unity, love, respect and trust.

Through the internet via our website, blogs and social media platforms well-wishers can become active partners in rolling out our ambitious program of building bridges for restoring brotherhood among the dispersed people of African descent.

MMGF is led by diasporans who have fully embraced the ideals of Pan-Africanism and who have returned to the motherland to begin to build the bridges necessary for reconciliation between all the children of mother Africa. We have faced the challenges and we are ready to put these experiences to good use by guiding our family who desire to visit, return or invest in Africa.

All personal details will be secured and only be used with full permission if needs arise.

What is expected from our friends?

  1. To raise the name of Marcus Garvey as an emblem of unity in the global community. Friends can do this in varieties of ways e.g. forming community groups meeting together to discuss how unity can be achieved in their individual communities.

  2. Supporting black businesses, banks, shops etc. with the aim of keeping money in the black communities.
  3. Writing to media highlighting good works going in the communities and fighting the promotion of false black caricatures.

  4. Visiting Africa as a destination of first choice for holidays.

  5. Supporting our GoFundMe campaign for the building the Marcus Garvey Memorial centre.

  6. We will be asking for those who have skills that can be taught to others to come to Ghana to share these skills.

What our friends can expect from us

  1. To link all the groups together as one family, so that friends of Garvey will have friends wherever they travel.

  2. To reduce the costs travelling and stay In Africa (starting with Ghana as the gateway). Finding free or low-cost accommodation where possible.

  3. Recognition of groups or individuals making a difference in our annual Marcus Garvey Award Gala.

  4.  All contributing ‘Friends Of Garvey’ names will be displayed on plaques around The Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre when it is built in recognition.

  5. Those coming to help with teaching skills will be guest of the Foundation and wherever possible free accommodation will be provided for the days they are teaching.