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The MMG Foundation is a registered Limited by Guarantee Company, non-profit (NGO), in the Republic of Ghana.

The Foundation is a fraternal, Pan-African organisation aimed at propagating and publicising The Philosophy & Opinions of the Right Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey among the peoples of African Descent.

The organisation’s aim is to promote a sense of pride and love for and amongst the African nations. To provide leadership in helping Africans to acquire the skills and Knowledge that are necessary for our advancement in the modern world.

The MMG Foundation is planning to build a “Marcus Garvey Memorial Centre” in Ghana. The purpose of the centre will be to provide “world class” facilities for African scientific research & development, Pan-African history & research, African arts, culture & entertainment, sports, recreation and guest housing.

There will be lecture theatres, Science Laboratories, Conference halls, performance Theatre/ Stage. There will be shops, Restaurants, parks & gardens designed to accommodate a wide range of family orientated activities.

The philosophy of the centre will be to strive for excellence through challenging & stimulating the creative minds of African people. To awaken the African genius that once enabled us to be the Master of Mathematics, Medicine, Architecture & Astronomy.

The aim will be to create an environment that will encourage & stimulate the minds of our people to attain that higher state of awareness & consciousness that Mr Garvey is always imploring us to attain. We believe that this will help African people to find African solutions to Africa’s problems.
Marcus Garvey told us that “The people who will control the future of the world are those who master science & technology “The centre will encourage scientific research & development by actively helping African innovators to find funding to put their innovations into production.

The Centre will also a hub of excellence for the training of Africans in all areas of human endeavour.

The Foundation will promote unity and raise funds among our people by promoting Social events such as MMGF Family Days, Annual MMGF lectures, MMGF Talent Competitions, Annual 'Homecoming' Dinner & Dance. MMGF Performing Arts Group, MMGF Self-Defence group, MMGF Football Team, MMGF Woman’s Group, etc.
We look forward to getting your support and participation.
One Love.